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Miscellaneous hair posing as "duck" Related departments: The amount of cashmere exceeds 50% is called down jacket

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Sometimeago,the"MillenniumExtremeCold"theorywasrumored,althoughtherelevantexpertsdeniedit,buttheShanghaiMeteorologicalDepartmentsaidthatthestagedlowtemperatureshouldnotbeunderestimated.Thisinformationhasbeencapturedbykeenmerchants,andhasemergedasadownjacketforcoldproducts.Recently,somecitizenshavereportedthatthedownjacketsthathavebeenboughtbackhavebeenhardenedafterwashingandhaveasmell.Intheinterview,thepersoninchargeoftherelevantdepartmentsaidthatthereisindeeda“down”productthatuses“smashinghair”toimpersonate“duck”and“goosedown”.This"smashedhair"maycarrybacteria,parasites,etc.ifitisnotcleaned.Forthose"downjackets"whoobviouslyviolatethelawofvalueinthemarket,theymustbecautioustobuy. Readercomplaint Afterthedownjacketiswashed,itishardandhasastrangesmell: “ThedownjacketthatIjustboughtisverysoftandfluffy.Ididn’texpectittobehardwhenIwenthometowashtheclothes.Therewasnofluffyfeelingatall!”Recently,Ms.Zhangreflectedthatshehadboughtapoorqualitydownjacket.Theweatherwascoldlastweek,andMs.Zhangboughtareddownjacket."Thisdressissoldatadiscount.Iaskedtheownerwhythestorewasonthemarketandthesellersaiditwasbecausethesizewasnotthesame."Ms.Zhangspentmorethan200yuantobuythedownjacket."Theclothesarestillfluffyandflexible,buttheyalwaysfeelthatthereisagluesmellonthebody,whichisveryuncomfortable."Justwearingaday,Ms.Zhangwashedherclothes.Ididn'texpecttheclothesafterwashingtobecompletelyfluffybefore,andtheinnerlinerwashard.Inanycase,Icouldn'trecoverthewayIjustboughtit.TheclothesthatIwashedoncestillhadavaguesmell.Ms.Zhangnegotiatedwiththeseller,buttheownersaidthatthedownjacketcouldnotbedry-cleanedbecauseMs.Zhangsentherclothestodrycleaningtomakethelinerhard."Tothisend,Iwenttothedrycleanerstoknowthatthereisaspecialwaytocleandownjackets.Otherpeople'sdownjacketsarefine.Whydomyclotheswashhard?Andtheclotheswillsmellstrangebeforecleaning."Theladysuspectedthatthestuffofthis"downjacket"wasnotdown.Forthis,theownerrefusedtoadmitit,andbecauseMs.Zhanghadwashedtheclothesonce,theownerdidnotacceptthereturn."LaterIsearchedonlineandfoundtheso-called'downjacket'thatsmellsbad.Thestuffingisgenerallynotduckdownorgoosedown."Lookingatthehard"downjacket",Ms.Zhangcanonlysmile.
       Some time ago, the "Millennium Extreme Cold" theory was rumored, although the relevant experts denied it, but the Shanghai Meteorological Department said that the staged low temperature should not be underestimated. This information has been captured by keen merchants, and has emerged as a down jacket for cold products. Recently, some citizens have reported that the down jackets that have been bought back have been hardened after washing and have a smell. In the interview, the person in charge of the relevant department said that there is indeed a “down” product that uses “smashing hair” to impersonate “duck” and “goose down”. This "smashed hair" may carry bacteria, parasites, etc. if it is not cleaned. For those "down jackets" who obviously violate the law of value in the market, they must be cautious to buy.                                           
  Reader complaint After the down jacket is washed, it is hard and has a strange smell:                   
   “The down jacket that I just bought is very soft and fluffy. I didn’t expect it to be hard when I went home to wash the clothes. There was no fluffy feeling at all!” Recently, Ms. Zhang reflected that she had bought a poor quality down jacket. The weather was cold last week, and Ms. Zhang bought a red down jacket. "This dress is sold at a discount. I asked the owner why the store was on the market and the seller said it was because the size was not the same." Ms. Zhang spent more than 200 yuan to buy the down jacket. "The clothes are still fluffy and flexible, but they always feel that there is a glue smell on the body, which is very    uncomfortable." Just wearing a day, Ms. Zhang washed her clothes . I didn't expect the clothes after washing to be completely fluffy before, and the  inner liner was hard. In any case, I couldn't recover the way I just bought it . The clothes that I washed once still had a vague smell. Ms. Zhang negotiated with the seller, but the owner said that the down jacket could not be dry-cleaned because Ms. Zhang sent her clothes to dry cleaning to make the liner hard. "To this end, I went to the dry cleaners to know that there is a special way to clean down jackets. Other people's  down jackets are fine. Why do my clothes wash hard? And the clothes will smell strange before cleaning." The lady suspected that the stuff of this "down jacket" was not down. For this, the owner refused to admit it, and because Ms. Zhang had washed the clothes once, the owner did not accept the return. "Later I searched online and found the so-called 'down jacket' that smells bad. The stuffing is generally not duck down or goose down." Looking at the hard "down jacket", Ms. Zhang can only smile.